Square cat

Just a little experiment with watercolor and cats. The colors are a little saturated. That is the result of my scan. Just pen and ink with a few watercolor washes. Hope you enjoy. 


For this illustration, which I am doing for this week’s https://twitter.com/Clr_Collective which is Deep Koamaru, I used a combination of traditional and digital art. I scanned a pen and ink line drawing, separated some of the layers in photoshop and then brought the work into Corel painter. CP has a great way of coloring line work, or at least making it easy. I use their gradation tool with a little bit of texture on the fly which is a new feature. Enjoy. 


Pen and ink space shuttle illustration

A little bit of a line experiment. This is the moment the solid rocket boosters detach from the main body of the space shuttle. I think I exaggerated the point of orbit at this point.

I did this on the train to the SCBWI NY Conference. It always is a bumpy ride on the train, so I kept the pen on the paper for the bulk of the drawing. It gave me an  interesting line. 

Space shuttle pen and ink, drawing, illustration, artwork
Pen and ink drawing/illustration of the space shuttle going into orbit.