Moleskine Sketch Book Review with pen and ink


11 ½ inces by 16 ½ inches.

Paper quality:

The paper is thinner than the smaller traditional sketchbook. It is much easier to crease the paper at this size, but a little care can prevent that. Light pencil marks will come off easily if you are using a good eraser. I suggest the “Faber Castell dust free” eraser.


I use Rotring fountain pens with India Ink and the paper absorbs it rather well. I have not colored large masses in ink because I suspect the paper will bleed through since it is a lighter weight.


I have to say that I am disappointed in the binding. I’ve superglued it to keep it together and I haven’t had a chance to fill many pages. I wonder if it was my luck of the draw, but I have dozens of the smaller sketchbooks and have not had a binding issue. I’m sure the glue will hold and it will not affect it in the long run.


I would suggest buying this if you like trying to fill up complete pages with art. It definitely has a “coolness” factor that I like. Even though it seems a little bulky I do like it very much. Other than a small binding issue, it takes ink well and is much nicer to present sketches with than loose piece of paper.

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