Whale on the beach

As part of the SCBWI Hawaii Illustrators Intensive webinar with critiques by Illustrator Will Terry @willterryart  and Art Director Maria T. Middleton @mariatmiddleton.

I stretched and pulled this piece from a single page to an almost spread to a spread, changing, flipping and redrawing along the way. I used Corel Painter for the majority of the work with a little Photoshop as well.

Like all work, I can probably tweak this till the end of time. I think it is a complete piece though, telling a story and leaving a little bit of mystery, along with humor as well.

Enjoy the journey below

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Finished piece
Second attempt
First attempt

Mammoth Sketch

Everyone has to draw a mammoth once in a while. I think it’s a requirement of being an artist.

To start with I tried several different poses, most of them profile, until I settled on the somewhat dynamic stride with a little sassy side glance.

The lines are a little dominating, so I tried to tone them down by adding texture to them. This is something that I am experimenting with lately. I just select the line layer and then color them with chalk.

While I did most of the drawing in Corel on my desktop, I transferred it to Procreate to do the coloring during lunch.

Hope you like.

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SCBWI Draw This “Secret Admirer”

For the SCBWI Draw This “Secret Admirer” word prompt, I wanted to do a jungle scene. I thought that it would be fun to do all the leaves and plants of the jungle. Originally, the main character had only one banana with an ape looking longingly from a distance or hiding in the foliage. I tried several different angles, but if I wanted to tell a good story, I had to bring the action in closer. I increased the number of bananas, and had the ape trying to take one. I went for the 2 dimensional flat look but decided to keep a large area of white so the picture looked wide. Hope you like it.

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