Star Kisses

For this piece I put in some simple line work, using a non-varied pen. I wanted to keep the linework clean, without too much weight. I chose a small color palette, forgoing a background to make the piece stand on its own. I think the colors work, and color is something I am still trying to work upon.

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Mammoth walking

It’s time to draw a mammoth again.

I spent some time playing with the design. The first sketches are too realistic for my goal of a kid’s book illustration, but it is important to learn the foundations of anything before you move on.

My second sketches are more about shapes, and I’ve strived to simplify the look and feel of the mammoth. I find something I likeit my designs and I can now move on to a more refined piece of work.

Originally, I had the boy surfing on top, but I like his crouched look and smile. I chose to do simple linework on this design and that seems to work well for the story that I am conveying in this picture.

Thanks for looking and just keep drawing.

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Drawing by the river

Part of a larger picture, this was an experiment with line weight and texture as well as a little pencil shading. All of this was digital and, as usual, I bounced between Corel Painter and Procreate. Linework was done in Painter and coloring in Procreate.

Just keep drawing

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Whale on the beach

As part of the SCBWI Hawaii Illustrators Intensive webinar with critiques by Illustrator Will Terry @willterryart  and Art Director Maria T. Middleton @mariatmiddleton.

I stretched and pulled this piece from a single page to an almost spread to a spread, changing, flipping and redrawing along the way. I used Corel Painter for the majority of the work with a little Photoshop as well.

Like all work, I can probably tweak this till the end of time. I think it is a complete piece though, telling a story and leaving a little bit of mystery, along with humor as well.

Enjoy the journey below

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Finished piece
Second attempt
First attempt

Mother and daughter first swim

For this piece I wanted to keep the linework simple. In hindsight, I could have even made it thinner. I love the look of clean lines unencumbered with weight and I added almost solid colors on a limited palette. Very simple blending and I was finished. Hope you enjoy.

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Mammoth Sketch

Everyone has to draw a mammoth once in a while. I think it’s a requirement of being an artist.

To start with I tried several different poses, most of them profile, until I settled on the somewhat dynamic stride with a little sassy side glance.

The lines are a little dominating, so I tried to tone them down by adding texture to them. This is something that I am experimenting with lately. I just select the line layer and then color them with chalk.

While I did most of the drawing in Corel on my desktop, I transferred it to Procreate to do the coloring during lunch.

Hope you like.

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SCBWI Draw This “Secret Admirer”

For the SCBWI Draw This “Secret Admirer” word prompt, I wanted to do a jungle scene. I thought that it would be fun to do all the leaves and plants of the jungle. Originally, the main character had only one banana with an ape looking longingly from a distance or hiding in the foliage. I tried several different angles, but if I wanted to tell a good story, I had to bring the action in closer. I increased the number of bananas, and had the ape trying to take one. I went for the 2 dimensional flat look but decided to keep a large area of white so the picture looked wide. Hope you like it.

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