Pig in flight suitQuick illustration for Illustration Friday Challenge “wings”.

Created in Corel Painter using the basic pencil tool and a little of the pen and ink tool. I usually do my sketching in some other color than black. It is a habit I still use when I am doing traditional sketches and do some of my under-drawing with col-erase pencils.

Hope you like.


Illustration Friday: Book

Book Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday challenge: Book.

I did this drawing in about 15 minutes using traditional pen and ink fountain pens. I decided to invert the general practice of reading by transplanting the head to the hands and vice-versa.

I don’t think the black background added too much to the drawing.

I use a pentel aquash watercolor brush pen that I have filled with ink for the bigger spots.

Perhaps it would have been better to have left it out. Oh well.

Hope you enjoy.