Triceratops flying-brush and ink wash

Have to love dinosaurs and especially triceratops.

A simple illustration that I did for my son. Got to get around to getting this on his wall. Still inspired by the work of another artist that impressed me enough to pick up the brush and create a illustration.

Did a light pencil sketch that came rather quickly. Arches watercolor paper with a walnut ink.

I like it and hope to do more.

Hope you like it too.

I will post it on Illustration Friday for the topic of sky.

Ahab and the Great White Whale Corel Painter

Had this illustration for a while and never posted. Originally intended to be a poster for classic literature.

Nothing says classic literature like Moby Dick, and nothing paints a more dire picture than Ahab going on his last mission.

I’ve played with this on and off for some time. I enjoyed the dynamics and played with a very loose brush set in painter 12, something that I generally do not do.

I tried to highlight an image of a skull in his face, to forecast his eventual fate, pinned forever to the side of the white whale.