Here is my entry for the SCBWI draw this competition. There is some great work out there already for this new challenge.

I pen and ink with some Illustrator and Photoshop to make the final product. Below are some stops along the path.

Thanks to fellow SCBWI members Annina and Stephen  for some suggestions. bounce1


Dinosaur Eating a Book for SCBWI Bulletin

I was recently inspired to play with a ink wash after seeing some beautiful work from a fellow artist. I took some Walnut ink that was sitting with my supplies, pulled out a sheet of hot press watercolor paper and began to play with the brush.

I am pretty happy with the work, though I wish the line work was a little thinner. It has been some time since I have done a complete work in brush that wasn’t digital.

I mixed a small bit of black ink to try to darken certain sections and to give it depth.

The subject is for the SCBWI bulletin, which has to do with book reviews.

The best compliment is that my son wants it on his wall.


Mermaid pen and ink illustration for SCBWI

Pen and ink illustration on Borden and Riley Paris Bleedproof Paper for Pens.

This is one of my favorite mediums to work. I have found that the Broden and Riley paper is the best to work with, though I do use hot press if I intend to watercolor the picture.

This is another sample for my art group of an illustration that I am going to submit to the SCBWI bulletin. I like the detail and I think mermaids are a pretty hot commodity, since everyone is getting tired of vampires.

Pen and ink sketch for SCBWI.

Working on a image to submit to the SCBWI bulletin with my art group.

Wanted to draw a young girl that seemed to dress a little different from the regular mainstream.

Decided to do this completely in traditional pen and ink. I did an underlying drawing in pencil, inked on top, erased and scanned.